New Dusty Donuts 45 coming soon.

 The new Dusty Donuts 45 is on it's way. Coming in mid-December 2018 with two homage tracks to New York.
Again we have two tracks that are originals to two boom bap Hip-Hop Tracks.

On the A-side we have "Our Dreamworld". Known from DJ Premiers "Our Street" ft. A$AP Ferg and as original tune from "The Continental 4 - (You're living in a) Dream World". The Naughty NMX Harlem Mix is the perfect mixture of both tracks. The soulful Original tuned up with some DJ Premier like drums.

On the B-side there is "Let Me Go A Million Times". Also from a DJ Premier beat. This time a remix for Jay-Z. "A Million and one Questions" is the name of the track. Aha, he did it again! Naughty NMX took the original of the DJ Premier sample and pimped it with some new beats. Latimore is the band and "Let Me Go" is the song.

The two sides are a trip through NY. From Harlem to Brooklyn with two reworked originals, used in songs produced by one of the most influential Hip-Hop DJs/Producers: DJ Premier.

As so often i'm more into the B-side. I couldn't say why, but this one caught me with the first beat.
What i also got to say is that Both tracks are bullets to be in every 45s-DJs bag. Naughty NMX did a very good job on this two.
As there is no preorder setup so far, ther is no buy link this time. Check the well known channels for staying tuned to this one.

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